Vistalux Corrugated PVC

Ideal PVC sheet for roofing and cladding, qualities include:

  • Fine optical clarity : visually attractive sheet which will enhance the appearance of your property
  • Provides 3 times more natural light into a building than the same area of vertical glazing : creating a bright pleasant environment in the area beneath
  • Excellent fire performance : PVC is a self extinguishing material which will melt away from the flames stopping as soon as the source is removed
  • Strong yet light in weight
  • Simple to handle and install
  • Good workability : cutting and drilling the material are straightforward procedures requiring only the most basic of tools



1830 x 762mm Sheet £ 12.50 ex. VAT £ 15.00 inc. VAT
2440 x 762mm Sheet £ 16.67 ex. VAT £ 20.00 inc. VAT
3050 x 762mm Sheet £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT
Super Fixings (pack of 10) £ 1.50 ex. VAT £ 1.80 inc. VAT
Eaves Filler Pack (pack of 6) £ 4.99 ex. VAT £ 5.99 inc. VAT
3" Wall Flashing 710mm £ 6.66 ex. VAT £ 7.99 inc. VAT



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