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Smooth Faced Gravelboards



6" Smooth Faced Gravel Board £ 5.79 ex. VAT £ 6.95 inc. VAT
12" Smooth Faced Gravel Board £ 8.29 ex. VAT £ 9.95 inc. VAT

Fix & Fill Expanding Foam


Fix & Fill Expanding Foam is a quick setting polyurethane based foam which expands greatly on application and yields up to 50 times original can contents.

Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approximately one hour.

Fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates and sound deadens. Cans are fully litho printed for effective display.

Gloves are included in the cap.


750ml Tube £ 5.79 ex. VAT £ 6.95 inc. VAT

Circular Stepstone - Twilight



380mm Dia Stepping Stone £ 5.79 ex. VAT £ 6.95 inc. VAT

Ultimate Mines 6pk


A fabulous 6-pack of mines at a fabulous price.


NS6037 £ 5.82 ex. VAT £ 6.98 inc. VAT

Charming Cascades Fountains 3pk


Whistling silver stars. A great value pack.


NS6036 £ 5.82 ex. VAT £ 6.98 inc. VAT

Opti-Mix Accelerator & Frostproofer


OPTIMIX ACCELERATOR & FROSTPROOFER is a concentrated liquid solution of chlorides designed to chemically react with cement within mixes to produce a faster setting mortar time.


  • Concentrated formula 1ltr is equivalent to 5ltrs of standard frostproofer.
  • Easy to use gauged bottle.
  • ncreases setting times of mortar at low temperatures.
  • Quickly disperses in the mix.


Areas For Use:

  • Pointing and bedding mortars
  • Floor screeds
  • ConcreteLimitations·


Contains Chlorides, do not use in concrete with embedded steel. Do not use in mixes containing high alumina cement. Do not use where brick ties are present. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use.


1 Litre Tub £ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT



HB42 ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive is the ultimate answer to sealing, fixing and filling. A “one-tube-does-all” product, designed to meet the complex demands of the construction industry. Based on advanced hybrid polymer technology, this trade strength sealant and adhesive offers outstanding performance across a wide range of industrial applications, including adhesion to glass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium, porcelain, UPVC, coated metal and polystyrene. HB42 can be used inside and outdoors, in the wet or dry! Odourless, food safe and recognised for its very low emissions, HB42 is one of the safest all-in-one sealants on the market.

Seals & Fixes • Holds 2.24 kg/cm² • Elasticity and Stretchability up to 300% • No Shrinking • Over Paint • Works in Wet • Low VOCs • Anti-fungal • Food Safe • Bonds to almost anything • Skins in only 10mins, fully cured in 24hrs

Available in: White, Clear, Invisible, Grey, Black and Brown



£ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT

Log Roll



1800 x 150mm £ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT
1800 x 225mm £ 6.66 ex. VAT £ 7.99 inc. VAT
1800 x 300mm £ 7.49 ex. VAT £ 8.99 inc. VAT

Sceenwall Leaf Block


If you’re looking to make your garden patio paving and outdoor space a bit more private but don’t want to block out the sunlight, then Screenwall is the perfect solution.


It’s quick and easy to lay and is ideal for sitting atop other walling. Its interesting leaf pattern adds visual detail, plus there are pier caps and saddleback coping available to further complement the walling. Create a safe, private haven in your own back yard!


290 x 290 x 90mm £ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT

Treated Posts (100mm x 100mm)


Treated timber posts for fencing or timber structures, recommended for external use.

(4" x 4")


1500 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT
1800 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 6.66 ex. VAT £ 7.99 inc. VAT
2100 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 7.49 ex. VAT £ 8.99 inc. VAT
2400 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 8.33 ex. VAT £ 10.00 inc. VAT
3000 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 9.99 ex. VAT £ 11.99 inc. VAT