Barrage Packs

Jewels Of The Earth 200 Shot Barrage


A mixture of four different barrages which includes a burst of noise, flashing fireballs, crackling rain and an array of colour. An excellent finale to any display.


NS6041 £ 25.00 ex. VAT £ 30.00 inc. VAT

Rameses Revenge 36 Shot Fan Barrage


The fury of Ramese's hits the skies with its changing vibrant blues and crackling explosions.


NS6126 £ 27.49 ex. VAT £ 32.99 inc. VAT

Thunder Cruncher 595 Shot Barrage


Five hundred and ninety five whistling shots.


NS6085 £ 29.15 ex. VAT £ 34.98 inc. VAT

Mexican Firecracker 255 Shot Barrage


Take off your sombrero and look up at this screeching, booming and flashing firecracker. The true finale to compliment your display.


NS6113 £ 33.33 ex. VAT £ 40.00 inc. VAT

Tutans Treasures 25 Shot Barrage


Experience the treasures of the king with this 25 shot silver tail to red, green, yellow, purple and blue crackling barrage.


NS6068 £ 33.33 ex. VAT £ 40.00 inc. VAT

Devils Revenge 30 Shot Barrage


An attack on the night sky,with air bombs and blistering crackles of colours and towers of fire.


NS6129 £ 33.33 ex. VAT £ 40.00 inc. VAT

Top Force 61 Shot Barrage


This hexagon barrage will thrill the audience and stir the imagination.


NS6020 £ 37.49 ex. VAT £ 44.99 inc. VAT

Aerial Bomber 35 Shot Barrage


Effects: Green tail to crackling green and blue star with time rain. Red,yellow tail to red, green and yellow time rain.


NS6125 £ 37.50 ex. VAT £ 45.00 inc. VAT

Spitting Cobras 1000 Shot Barrage


1000 ear piercing screams.


NS6044 £ 41.66 ex. VAT £ 49.99 inc. VAT

Lunar Explorer 25 Shot Barrage


A 25 shot creation which will have you glowing with sheer delight.


NS6021 £ 41.66 ex. VAT £ 49.99 inc. VAT