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Black Padbolt



4" Black Padbolt £ 5.00 ex. VAT £ 6.00 inc. VAT
6" Black Padbolt £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT

Timber Birdmouth Posts



1000 x 100 x 100mm Tan £ 5.21 ex. VAT £ 6.25 inc. VAT

HG stove glass cleaner 500ml


A stove glass cleaner for stubborn dirt

Do you need to clean a stove glass? HG stove glass cleaner cleans all stubborn dirt quickly and effectively, including soot, grease and tar from the panes of stoves and fireplaces.

Dissolves soot, grease and tar

For use on the glass surfaces of stoves and hearths

Also suitable for the removal of soot from bricks



£ 5.21 ex. VAT £ 6.25 inc. VAT

Swift Clamp Drive In Post Support


These supports are suitable for most ground conditions and the wide range of sizes fit all common timber posts. Robust construction ensures they will drive into very hard ground with ease and the effective clamp system will hold the post securely in the socket.

Suitable for fence posts, decking, pergolas, gazebos, carports, bird tables and much more.


18" 2"x 2" Spikes £ 5.41 ex. VAT £ 6.49 inc. VAT
24" 3" x 3" Spike £ 6.25 ex. VAT £ 7.50 inc. VAT
24" x 4"x4" Post Support Spike Galv £ 7.50 ex. VAT £ 9.00 inc. VAT

Galvanized Padbolt



4" Galv Padbolt £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
6" Galv Padbolt £ 5.83 ex. VAT £ 7.00 inc. VAT

Everbuild Black Jack Bitumen Paint


Black bitumen paint is a solvent based, full bodied black bituminous paint. when dry the products forms a odourless and taint free black film suitable for metal protection, concrete structures and overcoating wood and felt.
  • Fast drying paint
  • Suitable for use on most common building surfaces
  • Resistant to most salt solutions, dilute acids and alkalis, water and alcohol
  • Provides a waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant protective coating
  • Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L tins



1 Litre Tin £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
2.5 Litre Tin £ 10.00 ex. VAT £ 12.00 inc. VAT
5 Litre Tin £ 14.58 ex. VAT £ 17.50 inc. VAT

Faithfull Instrument (Precision) Screwdriver Set


The mini set consists of seven precision soft-grip screwdrivers designed for use on small screws. Each screwdriver features a chrome vanadium steel blade with a black tip manufactured to a high tolerance for a sure and accurate fastener fit. The revolving body to permits single-handed use while leaving the other hand free when working on small items. Ideal for use in model making, electrical and precision engineering shops and many other applications where fine adjustment, along with speedy removal and setting of fixings is required.


2 x Phillips - PH00, PH0 x 50mm

2 x Slotted - 2.5, 3mm x 50mm

3 x Torx Star: T8, T9, T10 x 50mm


£ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT

Green In-Dex Decking Screws



4.5 x 65mm (Bag of 145) £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
4.5 x 75mm (Bag of 120) £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
4.5 x 50mm (Bag of 175) £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
4.5 x 75mm (Box of 200) £ 8.33 ex. VAT £ 10.00 inc. VAT
4.5 x 50mm (Tub of 250) £ 9.58 ex. VAT £ 11.50 inc. VAT
4.5 x 65mm (Tub of 250) Out of Stock £ 10.42 ex. VAT £ 12.50 inc. VAT



Fenceguard is a water-based, low odour timber treatment to provide long lasting outdoor protection for rough sawn timber. The water repellent, UV resistant finish is perfect for shielding fencing and garden sheds, or any other outdoor rough sawn garden construction from the ravages of rain and bright sunlight. Fenceguard is available in 2 colours including Forest Green,  and Lunar Grey.·Brush applied timber treatment·Dries to a water repellent film·UV Stable oxide based colours·Protects against water ingress·Suitable for rough-sawn timbers

Special Offer 

3 Tubs for £15.50 Inc Vat 


Lunar Grey 5L QPALFG £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT
Forest Green 5L QPALFG £ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT

HG meubeline for light-coloured woods


For removing stains and rings

HG meubeline for light-coloured woods removes stains and white water and alcohol rings from all types of light wooden furniture. Grey or bleached furniture regains its natural colour and the furniture shines like new. Even scratches on the furniture are camouflaged!

Repairs white water rings, stains, scratches, bleached and aged surfaces

Restores the natural colour and shine



£ 5.42 ex. VAT £ 6.50 inc. VAT