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20 Watt LED Site Light


The Faithfull SMD LED Sitelight has been designed for both commercial or domestic use, and features the latest LED lighting technology. Its single LED provides a high light output of 1800 lumens with the added advantage of a low power consumption and a cool running temperature that avoids the burn hazards commonly associated with halogen lighting.

SMD LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over. The lamp head is manufactured from die-cast aluminium and is IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection. The lamp head is fully adjustable and mounted on a sturdy telescopic tripod, two twist grip locks enable the tripod height to be quickly adjusted between 910 and 1810mm.

Supplied fitted with an appropriate approved BS plug.


£ 41.66 ex. VAT £ 49.99 inc. VAT

Spitting Cobras 1000 Shot Barrage


1000 ear piercing screams.


NS6044 £ 41.66 ex. VAT £ 49.99 inc. VAT

Carpenters Plane & Tool Set


This exceptional set has been specially commissioned to provide the essentials you need for working with wood.

All the tools are made to the highest quality from the finest hardwood, brass and steel.

The set includes:

Traditional No.4 Smoothing Plane
60 1/2 Block Plane
230mm Try Square
230mm Sliding Bevel
Mortice and Marking Gauge

They all come with the confidence of a 5-year guarantee.

This is a super gift for the professional, enthusiast or apprentice.

Supplied in a wooden case.


£ 41.66 ex. VAT £ 49.99 inc. VAT

Manilla Decorative Rope 28mm


Made from natural plant materials, manila rope has a rustic appearance.

When hanging manila rope between posts we recommend you allow an extra 10% length to allow for natural shrinkage when wet.


12m Roll £ 41.67 ex. VAT £ 50.00 inc. VAT

Creosote Coal Tar Dark


100% Genuine Creosote, recommended for trade use.


20 Litre £ 41.67 ex. VAT £ 50.00 inc. VAT

Flex Angle Grinder 800 Watt 115mm


  • Microprocessor control with soft start, restart protection after power failure, overload protection
  • Highly efficient and resilient motor for more power output
  • Longer service life thanks to optimised cooling and revised carbon geometry
  • Extensive dust protection for motor and gears
  • Anti-Kickback - this shuts down the motor on the disc being blocked
  • Extremely light and handy
  • Compact, narrow and ergonomic shape
  • Tool-free adjustment of safety guard
  • Lockable slide switch
  • Spindle lock
  • Side handgrip


£ 41.67 ex. VAT £ 50.00 inc. VAT

Arch Top Feather Edge Gate



1750 x 915mm Right Hand £ 41.67 ex. VAT £ 50.00 inc. VAT
1750 x 915mm Left Hand £ 41.67 ex. VAT £ 50.00 inc. VAT

Diamond Trellis Lincoln Wave



1800mm x 1828mm EULW £ 43.99 ex. VAT £ 52.79 inc. VAT

Diamond Trellis Lincoln Convex



1800mm x 1828mm EULX £ 43.99 ex. VAT £ 52.79 inc. VAT

Diamond Trellis Lincoln Concave



1500mm x 1828mm EULV £ 43.99 ex. VAT £ 52.79 inc. VAT