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20mm Moonstone Gravel



Maxi Bag £ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT
Tonne Bag £ 71.67 ex. VAT £ 86.00 inc. VAT

Turbo Wheel


An excellent wheel offering with an assortment of colours.


NS6047 £ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT

Post Fix



£ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT

Mortar Mix



Maxi Bag £ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT

Half Round Rail



3.6m Half Round Rail £ 4.16 ex. VAT £ 4.99 inc. VAT

Holdfast Post Extender


These effective extension sockets make light work of extending timber posts. Sturdy and simple to install, they will extend 3" posts up to 1.2m.


3" x 3" (75mm x 75mm) £ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT

Black Tee Hinges



18 £ 4.17 ex. VAT £ 5.00 inc. VAT
12 £ 4.96 ex. VAT £ 5.95 inc. VAT

Oil Away


Oil Away is a ready to use high performance cleaner for drives, paths and patios.

Oil Away is the quick and easy solution for removing oil, petrol, diesel and grease stains from driveways, garage floors and car parks.

It works on most common surface types including concrete, stone, tarmac and most common paving materials.

Oil Away can also be used as a general cleaner to revive the look of pathway and patio areas.


1 ltr Spray £ 4.58 ex. VAT £ 5.50 inc. VAT

Swift Clamp Drive In Post Support


These supports are suitable for most ground conditions and the wide range of sizes fit all common timber posts. Robust construction ensures they will drive into very hard ground with ease and the effective clamp system will hold the post securely in the socket.

Suitable for fence posts, decking, pergolas, gazebos, carports, bird tables and much more.


18" x 2" x 2" (450mm x 50mm x 50mm) £ 4.58 ex. VAT £ 5.50 inc. VAT
24" x 3" x 3" (600mm x 75mm x 75mm) £ 5.41 ex. VAT £ 6.49 inc. VAT
30" x 4" x 4" (750mm x 100mm x 100mm) £ 7.08 ex. VAT £ 8.50 inc. VAT

Salt Away


Salt-Away removes salt and unsightly white efflorescence from bricks, stone and concrete.

It is a biodegradable, safe formula, works on walls, paths and patios and can be poured, sprayed or brushed on.

Effloresence is commonly caused when soluble salts within building materials or dissolved salts are transferred into building materials by water.

At the surface of the building material the water containing these dissolved salts evaporates leaving behind unsightly white deposits, if left untreated efflorescence can cause corrosive damage to many building surfaces.

Biodegradable, safe formula. Works on walls, paths and patios. Pour, spray or brush on.


1 ltr Spray £ 4.58 ex. VAT £ 5.50 inc. VAT
5 ltr £ 10.83 ex. VAT £ 13.00 inc. VAT