Compost 10mm Screened

£40.00 Inc. VAT

10MM General Purpose Compost

✔ Screened to 10mm
✔ Size: Bulk bag
✔ Weight: Approximate 850kg (Weight may slightly vary)
✔ Peat free
✔ PAS 100 approved

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Introducing our General Purpose Compost Bulk Bag, screened to 10mm – a premium product that is certain to elevate your gardening efforts. Our compost is expertly crafted to deliver unparalleled soil health and growth potential for your plants.

Our screened-to-10mm compost is free of unwanted debris and clumps, ensuring a consistently high quality product that will meet your expectations. This bulk bag offering also provides ample supply to last you through the growing season, providing ease and convenience to your gardening needs.

Suitable for a range of applications, our General Purpose Compost Bulk Bag is ideal for new garden beds, soil rejuvenation, and environmental sustainability through composting. By selecting this product, you are actively contributing to the reduction of waste and the enhancement of soil health.

Invest in the best with our General Purpose Compost Bulk Bag, screened to 10mm. Take advantage of this premium product and give your plants the foundation they need to flourish.

  • Available in bulk bags.
  • Screened to 10mm
  • Full of essential nutrients
  • Consistent blend

General Purpose Compost Uses And Benefits


  • Enriching garden soil
  • Mulching
  • Planting medium for containers
  • Seed starting and potting mix


  • Nutrient-rich soil amendment
  • Improved soil structure
  • Enhanced plant growth and health
  • Water retention and conservation
  • Environmental benefits

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