150mm Durapost Z-Shaped Gravel Board

£23.00£35.00 Inc. VAT

New for 2021 are the Z-Boards by DuraPost. Made from glass-reinforced pultruded plastic, these gravel boards are a strong and lightweight alternative to standard gravel boards and 75% lighter than concrete.

DuraPost Z-Boards have a unique z-shape design, ensuring they take up 80% less space than other conventional options when stacked. They also need no maintenance, are UV tested and have a high resistance to the elements.

Available Options

Anthracite Grey3000mm£35.00 Inc. VAT
Anthracite Grey2440mm£29.00 Inc. VAT
Anthracite Grey1833mm£23.00 Inc. VAT
Olive Grey3000mm£35.00 Inc. VAT
Olive Grey2440mm£29.00 Inc. VAT
Olive Grey1833mm£23.00 Inc. VAT
Nut Brown3000mm£35.00 Inc. VAT
Nut Brown2440mm£29.00 Inc. VAT
Nut Brown1833mm£23.00 Inc. VAT

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Anthracite Grey, Nut Brown, Olive Grey


1833mm, 2440mm, 3000mm