Felt Joint Adhesive | 330ml

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Felt Joint Adhesive – 330ml. Roofing felt adhesive is required when bonding layers of roofing felts together or to bond overlapping sections on single layer installations. Our adhesives can be applied to any of our shed felt products, and can also be used as a bonding agent for damp proof products.

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A polymerically reinforced lap jointing sealant used to prevent leaks in gutters and downpipes. Can be used to effect small repairs on flat felt roofs. Forms a flexible seal capable of accommodating 5% movement.


Suitable for repairing and maintaining general roofing, roof drainage systems and cracked down pipes, etc. It is ideal for use on metal, lead, construction grade plastics, cladding panels, paint, stone, timber, brick, bitumen’s and asphalt. Also can be used for pointing around roofing applications.


All surfaces must be clean, dry and grease-free. When sealing deep joints use foam blocker rods to minimise wastage. cut the tip of the cartridge, caking care not to damage the threaded area. Screw on nozzle and cut at an angle of 45 degrees to an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a standard sealant gun.

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