Insulated Chisel End Crowbar | 60″ Fibreglass

£90.00 Inc. VAT

SITEMATE: Insulated tools features & benefits

Designed for best performance and compliance with health and safety legislations, SITEMATE’s range of insulated tools are:

  • Compliant with BS8020 1000v standards
  • Suitable for heavy duty use
  • Made with forged steel
  • Reinforced for extra strength

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Chisel end used to cut through roots.

An electrical insulator refers to a material in which internal electric charges do not flow freely. This means very little current will flow through under the influence of an electric field. Put simply, electrical insulation does not let electricity flow through it easily.

Materials like rubber, fibreglass and plastic are highly resistant, making them good insulators for moderate electrical currents. Most metals are conductors of electricity however, making traditional shovels and other tools prone to passing electricity.