Modak Sandstone Natural Paving 15.25m2 | £20.00 a m2

£305.00 Inc. VAT

A warm colour Indian sandstone with a mix of sandy browns and accents of pale crimson and lavender defined by attractive swirls and patterning.

Pack consists of:
900 x 600mm – 13 pieces
600 x 600mm – 13 pieces
290 x 600mm – 13 pieces
290 x 290mm – 9 pieces

To view the laying pattern for this project pack –  Natural stone laying pattern

Product Characteristics & Variations

Stone is a natural product which means there will always be slight variations in colour and texture across packs; this is the unique appeal of natural stone paving and flooring. Please be aware that natural stone can change colour over time, which is a natural effect of the oxidation of minerals within the stone.

We recommend all orders should include an additional 10% contingency to cater for any wastage incurred while installing and during transit.

Usage, Care & Maintenance:

Some types of stone can be affected by efflorescence or staining by jointing, bedding and fixing compounds/mortar. Once installed, proper care and maintenance will help to minimise wear and keep your stone looking its best.

We recommend stone is sealed using a high quality sealant (Azpects Easyseal Slate & Sandstone Enhancer product). Please note stone can be damaged or stained by sealers which are not suitable for natural stone. If in doubt please seek expert advice and test a small area beforehand.

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