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Stealth Strike 12pc Rocket Pack


The strike has begun with dazzling display of assorted star bursts. Exceptional value for money. 


NS6004 £ 20.00 ex. VAT £ 24.00 inc. VAT

Dome Trellis



1218 x 1828mm P4DT £ 20.79 ex. VAT £ 24.95 inc. VAT
1524 x 1828mm P5DT £ 22.92 ex. VAT £ 27.50 inc. VAT
1828 x 1828mm P6DT £ 24.96 ex. VAT £ 29.95 inc. VAT

Rapid Stapler


Powerful, no compromise staple guns for 6-14mm staples. Designed for demanding professional applications and precision operations (tested to 100,000 fixings). 40% easier to operate thanks to a patented easy to squeeze trigger with 3-step force adjuster. All-steel casing and wear parts inside. Made in Sweden. 5 Year Guarantee.

The Rapid R34 fires type 140 flat wire staples.


£ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Fiskars GS42 Grass Shears


The Fiskars GS42 Servo-System Grass Shears have an adjustable cutting angle, up to 360°. Ideal for detailed lawn work. The Fiskars Servo-System mechanism prevents the blade from jamming allowing for seamless operations while the thumb operated locking mechanism ensures extra safety. Fitted with durable, lightweight FiberComp™ (a fibreglass reinforced polyamide handles.


Length: 344mm
Width: 42mm
Weight: 0.31kg


£ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Galv Incinerator 80L


Duarable galvenised steel design

Helps manage garden waste as ideal for burning all type of garden rubbish

Aprrox 80 Litre capacity



GAP75773 £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Hi-Vis Barrier Fencing


Highley Visable


Instant Fencing Solution

Weather Resistant

Avaliable in orange and green


1 x 50m £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Fencing Tamper


For compacting dry mix concrete and earth around fence posts


Fencing Tamper SITAMPER £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Geo-Fix Stone Protector


Based on an advanced fluoro-resin formula, geo-fix stone protector has been specially developed to provide highly effective long lasting protection on natural stone and mineral surfaces.

Importantly, particularly when using on expensive high quality natural stone it is totally invisible and will not change the colour or appearence of the stone.


5 ltr £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT

Softwood Landscape Sleepers



2400 x 200 x 100mm Tan £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT
2400 x 250 x 125mm Tan £ 29.17 ex. VAT £ 35.00 inc. VAT

Regency 38mm


A lush, soft - yet dense grass. A lush, soft grass with a natural colour blend and cushion like feel - Regency is an ideal choice for children and pets.



m2 £ 20.83 ex. VAT £ 25.00 inc. VAT