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End of the world 500 shot barrage


500 individual shots with a range of effects, colour bursts,comet tails, whistles, crackles and loud air bombs. Provides the ultimate finale.


£ 21.66 ex. VAT £ 25.99 inc. VAT
NS6051 £ 70.83 ex. VAT £ 85.00 inc. VAT

Feather Edge Fully Framed Tan


All panels come standard 1828mm wide (6ft) it is the height of the panel that changes only.


915 x 1828mm (3ft x 6ft) P3FFT £ 21.67 ex. VAT £ 26.00 inc. VAT
1218 x 1828mm (4ft x 6ft) P4FFT £ 23.33 ex. VAT £ 28.00 inc. VAT
1524 x 1828mm (5ft x 6ft) P5FFT £ 26.67 ex. VAT £ 32.00 inc. VAT
1828 x 1828mm (6ft x 6ft) P6FFT £ 29.17 ex. VAT £ 35.00 inc. VAT

Adjustable Band & Hook on Plate



18" Galv £ 22.08 ex. VAT £ 26.50 inc. VAT

Ratchet Spanner Set


These chrome vanadium spanners have flexible ratchet heads, which can turn through 180 degrees, allowing them to be used in more awkward to reach places at any angle.
Each spanner has a 72 fine-tooth mechanism. A useful arrow illustration is etched in the spanner to indicate the direction of torque.

180 Degree head for access into tight places.
5 Degree Fine Ratchet Mechanism.

6 piece combination ratchet spanner set, consisting of the following sizes:
8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm and 19mm.
Supplied and held in a convenient plastic clip store.



£ 22.50 ex. VAT £ 27.00 inc. VAT

Carpet Stones Straight


Wouldn’t it be nice to recreate a little piece of rustic magic in your own garden?


Carpet Stones is a unique patio paving solution that makes laying a pathway, patio or driveway much easier than you might first have thought. The individual cobbles arrive already laid out and attached to a flexible mat that can be cut with scissors to shape and fit the requirements of your garden.


They’re easy to interlock too meaning that Carpet Stones are ideal when you need garden patio paving for an awkward or intricate shape.

Available in two colours in straight or half circle units, order yours today.


1200 x 400mm Charcoal £ 22.54 ex. VAT £ 27.05 inc. VAT
1200 x 400mm Rustic Red £ 22.54 ex. VAT £ 27.05 inc. VAT

Post Hole Digging Crowbar



Post Hole Digging Crowbar £ 22.92 ex. VAT £ 27.50 inc. VAT

Block Guard


Block guard is a block paving and joint sand stabiliser based on a clear solvent based acrylic coating to bind jointing sand and form a durable seal over block paving and other mineral pavers/flags. Resistant to sunlight, water, oil and petrol. Block guard contains a fungicide to resist the growth of fungus, mould and weeds.


5 Litre £ 23.33 ex. VAT £ 28.00 inc. VAT

Bacho 34pc Socket & Mechanical Set


The Bahco S330 Socket Set contains sockets made from high performance alloy steel. With a Dynamic Drive™ profile to protect the sockets from wear and damage. Supplied in an oil and temperature resistant polyproplene case.


12 x 3/8in Hex Sockets: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 22mm
1 x 3/8in 60 Teeth Quick Release Ratchet
2 x 3/8in Extension Bars: 75mm (3in) & 150mm (6in).
1 x 3/8in Universal Joint
1 x 3/8in x 1/4in Bit Holder

2 x 3/8in Spark Plug Sockets Hex: 16mm (5/8in) & 21mm (13/16in)

1 x 1/4in Spinner Handle, 2-Component Handle

1 x 1/4in x 1/4in Bit Holder

3 x 1/4in Slotted Bits: 4, 5.5 & 7mm
4 x 1/4in Phillips Bits: PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4
6 x 1/4in Hex Bits: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8mm


£ 23.33 ex. VAT £ 28.00 inc. VAT

Cable Reel


Open drum cable reel which complies to BSEN61242. Sturdy steel frame with carry handle. Twin sockets and with fitted plug.

NOTE. All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry a full load.


20 Metre £ 23.33 ex. VAT £ 28.00 inc. VAT
50 Metre £ 33.33 ex. VAT £ 40.00 inc. VAT

Garda (black)



280mm w x 770mm h (pack of 2) £ 23.33 ex. VAT £ 28.00 inc. VAT