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Conditions of sale


  1. Unless specified to the contrary all timber will be “Home grown mixed conifer softwood”
  2. Unless otherwise specified it is impossible to produce consistent colour and shade by treatments used, and likewise impossible to guarantee the life span of treated timber.
    1. All prices are quoted on the basis that you are collecting from our yard.
    2. If you are a trade customer then all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which is to be added at the prescribed rate on the day of purchase.
    3. If you are a private consumer then all prices quoted must be added VAT, which is also shown and quoted.
      1. However, if not VAT is shown or quoted then all prices are inclusive of VAT
    4. Payment becomes due immediately upon placing order for goods and shall be made either:
      1. In advance (particularly where special size products are manufactured to customer requirements)
    5. Immediately after delivery (by prior agreement in writing).
    6. As a customer all legal title of all goods shall not pass to you until you have paid in full. In view of the fact that all goods remain property of Tafs Garden Co you must understand that we are entitled to:
      1. Retain any goods which have not been delivered to you
      2. Enter onto your premises or those of a third party to seize and/or remove our goods
      3. Re-sell any goods which have been retained, seized or removed to any third party for the best price that we can in the circumstances achieve
      4. You must understand that we are entitled to exercise these rights without giving notice to you, your agents, any other person or any other body. If we do exercise these rights we will still be entitled to exercise all other legal remedies which are available to us.
      5. We are entitled to levy against you all costs incurred by us when exercising these rights.
    7. We have no way of knowing how you propose to use the goods that you purchase from us and so you must therefore rely upon your own judgement in deciding what you require.
    8. You shall immediately examine all goods supplied as soon as you receive them and if you do not do so it will affect your rights to reject the goods. You must not use the goods unless you are absolutely sure that they are what you require. If you have any problem with the goods we shall expect you to bring it to our attention within 24 hours of you receiving them.
    9. If you require us to deliver the goods then please note that:
      1. All deliveries are charged according to our postcode charges plus VAT at the rate prescribed on the day of delivery which delivery charge is in addition to the quoted price for the goods. Our charges for the goods and delivery are payable prior to delivery and we are entitled to refuse to deliver until you do pay.
      2. We will deliver to KERBSIDE ONLY and so any request for closer discharge is entirely at your own risk to your land and property and down to the drivers discretion. We may issue charges retrospectively if deemed necessary to repay our expenses if any request turns out to be particularly difficult or time consuming.
      3. Precise delivery routes cannot be finalised until the day of the delivery. Whilst every effort is made to fit in with your AM/PM preference we can give no guarantee as to time of the delivery unless we have agreed a specific time in writing. We can therefore accept no liability if you, your employees or your contractors are kept waiting. We advised to have goods delivered the day before any work/contractors are booked into carry out any work.
    10. We may accept cancellation of the goods not yet delivered but you must notify us at least twenty four hours prior to the agreed day of the delivery and we will have the right to levy a 10% Handling and Restocking charge.
    11. If we accept the returns of goods which are fault free, we have the right to levy upon you a 10% Handling and Restocking charge.
    12. Timber is a natural and vulnerable living material and so we can give no guarantee against damage caused by exceptional weather conditions, storm, tempest, malicious damage or unskilled installation.