Hozelock 7730 Ultraflex Hose 12.5mm

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Hozelock 7730 Ultraflex Hose 12.5mm x 30 Metres

The Hozelock 7730 measures 12.5mm in diameter and 30 Metres in length. It is a flexible, anti-kink hose that is easy to use and manoeuvre around the garden. The hose is weatherproof with UV and frost protection. Free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins

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  • Weather proof with UV & frost protection guarantees that your hose can be used effectively in a range of climates from -20°C up to 40°C
  • Soft & Flex technology delivers superb resistance to kinking, giving the feeling of lightness and flexibility allowing you to manoeuvre your hose effortlessly around the garden with minimal effort
  • Knitted anti-twist technology ensures the hose does not twist under pressure providing a continuous flow of water and eliminates the frustrations caused by a hose kinking
  • Smooth Inner Layer to enhance water flow


  •  Length: 30m / 98 ft
  •  Diameter: 12.5mm / 1/2 Inch
  • Hose Features: Anti Kink, Anti Twist, Anti UV, Multi Purpose
  • Hose Structure: Knitted

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